Aerosol Intubation Box – 2 arm holes (patient access holes) - 3/16" Thick Clear Acrylic Model# A16AC18

Aerosol Intubation Box- A16AC18 - is made from 3/16" Thick Acrylic. The dimensions are 20" Length x 16" Width x 20" High. It has 2 arm holes for easier patient access. We can also customize these to fit your specific needs. These boxes can be cleaned and or disinfected with Bleach or Alcohol. In the current pandemic, everyone is doing everything they can to help prevent the spread of the extremely contagious virus. As cities lockdown, people are aware now more than ever how vital Medical professionals are in times of crisis. To protect from the potential contamination, we have designed an aerosol/intubation box. The guard can be installed wherever an employee has direct contact with the public, such as hospitals, clinics, emergency care. These can also be modified/customized for stores, offices, post-office, etc. Made in the USA For large quantity orders, please contact us! We will provide you with a quote promptly!