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29 Aug

A pedestal is more then a place to set your item. It is a display that presents your item with importance, making it stand out. A pedestal is a way to display your work while directly working with every bit of space available in the room and how it relates to your work. That is why it is important to choose a pedestal that will complement the sculpture and create the most harmony with the theme and space of the room. 

When determining which color is best for your display pedestal, there are several considerations to take into account.


Read the Room


When deciding the color for your pedestal, it is important to consider the color palette of the room it will be displayed in. Color palette for the pedestal and the room should be chosen at the same time. Ideally, your pedestal should give a complementary look to the room and all it's details. 

When choosing your display pedestal, it is very important to ensure it doesn’t clash with the color of the wall, furniture, ceiling, or floor. For example, putting a white pedestal in a room with dark walls may draw far too much attention to the pedestal due to the high contrast, taking attention away from your stunning sculpture.        


However, white or light gray scale walls can compliment a grand variety of pedestal colors and finishes. Many collections utilize are displayed against white and off-white walls, which pair perfectly with a white pedestal, a very popular color for curators as it gives pieces the illusion of levitation.    


Look to the Sculpture

The primary goal of a pedestal to attract interest to your sculpture. That is why it is extremely important to make sure the pedestal complements your sculpture’s colors without taking away attention from it. Instead of choosing a pedestal to complement the room and its assets, designers also choose a pedestal that will coordinate with the color scheme of their featured statue.   

Still having trouble choosing the right color display pedestal for your sculpture? You can eliminate color completely and go for a ghost pedestal. Ghost pedestals are made from completely clear acrylic, and their transparency will let them  blend in with almost any room. In fact, clear acrylic offers better clarity than glass with no distortion! Clear acrylic pedestals can also help to play up a modern and minimalist aesthetic in room, making them a popular choice for collectors and artists everywhere.   

Final Thoughts


With a great variety of colors and finishes available for acrylic pedestals, choosing just one color or finish to best match your room can be daunting. But with these tips, it  will be a much simpler process. No matter what combination and color  chosen, your art piece will look stunning on our pedestals.    





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