Timeless Style: Lucite and Acrylic Furniture

04 Sep

You can now bring high-end, sophisticated glamour into your store or into your home with our sleek and chic acrylic and lucite furniture! Extremely stylish and adaptable, acrylic and lucite furniture is ideal for a wide variety of styles for any type of room. Functional for home use and a stunning head turner for your house guests. Add a contemporary sense of class to your gallery or retail space. Interior designers praise it's timeless elegance and how it effortlessly compliments any room and any decor. If you're looking for a way to revamp your space, look no further. You have arrived!


Why Acrylic and Lucite?


  • Compliments other decor elements and can easily become the centerpiece of any room.

  • Neutral are always on trend, and clear is the ultimate neutral.    

  • Blends visually into small spaces, ideal for studio apartments.

  • Endless possibilities for design and function. No other material is as multi-talented.

As Chicago's #1 choice for acrylic design, we have the capability to fabricated custom acrylic and lucite furniture for any use. Whether it is for home, retail, galleries, or museums, we guarantee a stunning piece of furniture that you will love and obsess over. Timeless style, incredible durability, and lasting value makes this an ideal alternative to traditional furniture.

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