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09 Aug

When it comes to retail displays it’s all about stealing your consumer’s attention. Retail being one of the most competitive markets in the world adds pressure to make sure your products stand apart from competitors. With this in mind, displaying your products in custom acrylic boxes from Akrylix can help elevate your products and take your displays to a new level. In addition to the sleek, classic, and elegant presentation of acrylic boxes, we offer different acrylic box material options that provide a unique and modern touch to your brand’s message. Below, you’ll find several creative ways we can help highlight and elevate your products with our customized acrylic boxes and displays. 

Custom Sizing

Regardless of the size of your product or specific display needs, we can cut your custom acrylic box to any size you desire. Acrylic is the ideal choice when you want a box that is transparent and clean. Lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to fabricate, acrylic boxes are extremely versatile in use. Our team at Akrylix can custom fabricate any acrylic box for you that fulfills your exact display needs, while also complementing your store’s decor.

Custom Printing

We offer a variety of ways to personalize our acrylic boxes to best represent your brand. We are experts at digital UV and silk screen printing. That means we can directly print on your custom acrylic box, case or any kind of display, the graphic, logos, and colors to best advertise your company’s message. Our high-quality ink will undoubtedly give your business a rise on the competition. 

A Variety of Colors and Finishes

Our acrylic boxes come in a variety of colors and finishes to match and complement any aesthetic Whether you are in the market for a classic clear acrylic box or  a vibrant color to best match your style, at Akrylix the possibilities are infinite. We have an extensive catalog that features mirror acrylic, opaque and translucent colors, and frosted finishes that can be customized to your branding needs.

Adding Color to the Base

Another creative way to emphasize your product inside of an acrylic box is to customize it with an eye-catching base color. Depending on the product, different colors and materials can coordinate add a vibrant flair. Use complimentary colors to create a truly eye-catching display. Often sports memorabilia and antique displays utilize wood bases to elevate and compliment the collectible inside. No matter what your product is we can help find the perfect base to amplify it and make it as gorgeous as it can be.

Meeting Your Requirements

Above all we design our custom acrylic boxes like all our products to best represent you and your brand. Not only do we offer stock size acrylic boxes, but we have a skilled team that will work closely with you to determine the perfect size, color, finish, and printing that fit your display needs. Regardless of quantity or complexity, our team at Akrylix can produce the exact custom acrylic display for your company that will give new light to your products.

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