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Waterproof clear acrylic from 3/8" thick UV glue joints used for sales of medical and scientific equipment. These waterproof cases can be used in Universities, Government Jobs, Agencies and many more places. Custom made to your specifications.

Akrylix is making acrylic product displays and acrylic boxes for a candle company from 1/8" thick clear acrylic 7" square, they hold many little candles for sale. The boxes can be used for other items such as jewelry, plastic bracelets, pencil/pens, candies, phone case, make up and many more. Great for shopping malls, outlet stores, schools, offices and supermarkets.

Akrylix is offering great prices on polycarbonate sheets (Lexan) from 4x8 to any size requirements. Thickness vary from .040 up to 1/2" thick. You can order as little as 1 sheet or in skid quantities. We stock most items in two locations.

Akrylix is based in Chicago, Illinois we welcome any local business to come in an see many of our displays. We are offering acrylic sheets, plexiglass displays, brochure holders, acrylic trays etc. Akrylix covers many major cities in USA such as CA, NY, KY, MO, TX and many more cities. Please contact us with a quote request for any custom displays.

Akrylix is now serving Canada states such as Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec etc.,. We specialize in acrylic, plexiglass, lucite and polycarbonate (lexan) materials. Feel free to contact us at 800.816.1732 for a quote request.

Akrylix is manufacturing clear acrylic sheets starting from 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" cast acrylic sheet materials (4x8). Sheets are available for USA & Canada. If your looking for acrylic sheets please contact our customers department for best price quotes. Polycarbonate sheets coming soon.

Jewelry resellers we are offering display cases, to display any jewelry makes it much more attractive to customers, and promote your sales.

Christmas time is coming soon and everyone will be expecting different gifts, what better than to give them a custom made acrylic box or security case for collectible items to keep away from dust and damage.

Akrylix fabricated cutout sheets made from 1/8" thick black acrylic for a speaker cover which will have a wooden back.

Akrylix offers museum quality joints, UV filtering, LED lighting, CNC machining, cutting, drilling, joining, adhesive bonding and solvent welding. Acrylic material is lightweight - 50% lighter than glass and best in optical clarity.

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