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14 Jan

 Hello, Patricia!

    A clear acrylic box is an excellent way to effortlessly protect your collectibles whilst on display. 

    But if you are displaying this somewhere where there might be a lot of people frequently viewing the set, such as a lobby or a church, you might want to consider investing in a display case fabricated from museum quality acrylic. Museum quality acrylic is a great material for collections as it is visually stunning with virtually bubble-free seams that produces a high end, highly polished display case. 

    In addition to it being just being visually appealing on a high level, it is also stronger then standard quality acrylic. This will help keep your collection safe while it's on display for as long as possible. This feature makes this easily a great investment as you will get your money's worth for a great, long lasting display. 

     To move forward we would need a drawing or sketch of your custom acrylic display case. In that sketch you must include the dimensions and measurements for the display case and the removable base. Please also specify if the removable base is also made of clear acrylic or if you would like to use another type of material for the base.

    We look forward to working with you! If you have any more question, please feel free to contact us again!

    Thank you!

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