Our Services

Custom Acrylic Displays

Your ideas and our team will help create your dream custom display. We will work closely with you to ensure you get a product you'll love.

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Acrylic Sheet Distribution

We offer Cast and extruded Acrylic sheets in a variety of sizes and quantities to be shipped on skids.

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Clear Acrylic Boxes

Simple, elegant, and versatile, our display boxes can serve a multitude of purposes with unbeatable prices. Customization is also available.

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CNC and Laser Cutting

Know your options. We have a multitude of methods, technique, and material that lead to infinite combinations to your perfect product.

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Museum Quality Acrylic Boxes

Highlight your collection with our high quality displays, boxes, and stands made with clear cast virgin acrylic. Crystal clear and brilliantly polished with pristine edges and joints, virtually bubble free!

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UV Acrylic Logo Printing

Bright, colorful, and crisp images can be achieved with our top of the line UV printer. You can print your logo, label, or name of your business in full color on any piece of acrylic and proudly advertise to your audience.

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Assistance For Acrylic Design

Everyone needs a little help and we are more then happy to provide assistance. We will guide you through every step to ensure you get the perfect product for you're needs.

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Ophthalmology Shield

This shield is great for eye doctors to use during their appointments. Protective barrier between doctor and patient. Allows the patient to feel more at ease. It is durable, cleanable and reusable which is a plus.

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We offer many options for the safety of your classroom. Whether your classroom is for a university, a high school or an elementary classroom, area we can assist you. Because we do so many design options and sizes we would recommend that you call us to discuss your project. We can offer design shields for lunch rooms, libraries, welcome offices. Call or email us today!

Protective Barrier Shield's

We offer many different options for Protective Barrier Shields. We can customize a shield to accommodate an area that you need for protection during this pandemic. Whether it is for a school classroom, professional lobby area, cafeteria, doctor's office, hospital's, banks, airports, retail stores, coffee shops, beauty salons or spas were here to help you create a shield you need. We also can do larger volume quantities. Please email or call us for a quote. Were here to assist you so we can all feel safe!

School Cafeteria Divider

Our Cafeteria Divider allows a student, teacher or any employee in a cafeteria environment to feel at ease knowing they are surrounded with some type of protection during this pandemic. We offer various sizes and thicknesses. Durable, reusable and cleanable.

Restaurant/Bar Acrylic Barrier Divider

What a great way to still enjoy a drink and feel safe at a bar. These barriers are easy to clean and can be made to accommodate any size you may require. If you have another design in mind let us know. We are here to assist you. We also offer color options if you want to jazz up the area.

Top Manufacturer of Sneeze Guards in the USA!!!!

We are proud to mention that we have been recognized as a top manufacturer of Sneeze Guards in the USA Thank you to all of our customers! We appreciate your business.