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28 Jan

Hello, Harry!

   Akrylix is Chicago's number 1 fabricator for custom acrylic products. We've done everything from custom acrylic boxes and cases to custom displays and science/medical equipment. Acrylic is often used to as a replacement for items such as turntable covers, windows, and fish tanks. A pinball machine cover is definitely in our area of expertise.

   I mentioned acrylic as our usual default material but that does not have to be your only option! You can select from lucite, polycarbonate, plexiglass, and virgin cast acrylic, also known museum quality acrylic. If you have any questions about these materials, please feel free to let us know!

   To start on a quote, you would need to send us a sketch or drawing of your custom acrylic pinball cover replacement. Please include dimensions and unit of measure in your sketch, very clearly legible. Please also make sure to include your material of choice and thickness of said material.

   We look forward to working with you!

   Thank you!

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