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02 Jan

Hello Linda!

   This definitely sounds up our alley. We have fabricated many custom acrylic products aimed for interactive displays. To start, we would need a sketch with all the following information: inside and outer dimensions, color, finish, material and material thickness. Please include any extra details you may need for this product, such as holes.

   For material, you can choose lucite, plexiglass, polycarbonate, classic acrylic or virgin cast acrylic that is also commonly called museum quality acrylic. All of these options would be excellent for your needs, but there are varying benefits and drawbacks to consider for each material. Feel free to email us to talk more in depth about each material.

   We have a great range of color in multiple finishes for you to select from. We have bright and vivid colors in opaque matte and glossy finishes. Translucent colors are also available in matte or gloss. There are transparent, fluorescent acrylic that glow beautifully and really make your acrylic display pop! Lastly, we have transparent colors as well lightly tinted acrylic, if you prefer to have just a very light splash of color. There is, of course, classic and timely clear material that matches with every environment and event.

   We look forward to working with you on this fun project!

    Thank you!

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