Clear Acrylic Boxes

One of our specialties are display boxes of any kind, in any size. They can be made from any color acrylic which come in both transparent and opaque. We have gaskets, locks, and hinges available to install on your box. Our boxes are water tight and can come with shoe box lids, dividers and security features if necessary. 

Three primary methods of finishing is available:

  • standard gluing and polishing is used in 99% of retail and home use
  • UV gluing and polishing is used in retail, home, and museum applications   
  • Museum quality gluing and finishing is used in all high end requirements to achieve the highest clarity and quality possible

      Each box is hand made by our expert production team. Our custom boxes are both well priced and stunning. They enhance your collectibles or products while keeping them secure and displayed. With silk screening and vinyl lettering branding is easy. We also make retail security displays great for iPads, XBOX, WII and PlayStation. You can use our boxes for just about anything. They make great aquariums, pet cages, storage and organization boxes, and so much more!