Large Scale Production and Distribution

If you have a large quantity project and need a company that can execute your ideas precisely and with intense attention to detail, you need look no further!

 Our production team here at Akrylix has had several years of experience with complex and large quantity orders. Recently we had an order of 1,000 individual units that were to be shipped out to several different locations by skids. The key to fulfilling these orders is our attention to detail. Carefully constructing loyally to your design in a time efficient manner so you do not have to worry about an overly lengthy production time with poor results. You can rest assured that each item will be made to perfection per your specification.

 If you need orders shipped out in a very specific manner to several different locations, we have an organizational system in place to prevent any potential mishaps. If items are shipped out in different times, we will provide a tracking for each shipment with all the information on the contents and date shipped. This will help give you peace of mind once the orders are en route to know you can find their specific location at any time.