Sneeze Guards, Retail Barriers, and Plexiglass Shields

Keep yourself, your family and others safe from germs by using our acrylic guards. We offer various types of protective shields, from custom free standing table top units to installed hanging shields. If you need a unit with specific customizations such as size, cut out slots or a specific design, you can contact us for a custom quote.

Shields, barriers, and guards are ideal for public locations such as banks, libraries, government buildings, schools, restaurants, cafes, and more! These will also make an excellent addition to your professional spaces such as offices so you can continue your work with the peace of mind of being protected from various germs.

Acrylic is the ideal choice for these shields as they are lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. It is also exceedingly easy to sanitize after use which makes it more flexible for multiple people to use. Acrylic is also a long lasting and sturdy material that will ensure you get every dollars worth.