1" Thick Clear Acrylic w/ Engravings and UV Printing

It takes a profound mastery of various techniques and a lot of creativity to bring our customer's vision to life. In a recent project, a client wanted a way to display and preserve a beautiful piece with texts and an image.

In our experience, back printing on acrylic is the best way to preserve images and graphics. The image is printed to be seen through the acrylic, not directly on top of it. This means that the images and graphics can not be scratched off from the front. This would be highly unlikely anyway due to the the the UV printing.

Through this 1" thick acrylic, the image is given a unique and intriguing dimensional feel. You can't help but want to look at it from every angle. To emphasize this sense of dimension, the script is engraved into the acrylic. This bringing the words closer to the viewer and creates emphasis. 

Now playing with light is fun. When you can capture the light, you can create some pretty amazing effects. The thick acrylic's hand buffed edges shine brightly as the light filters through and refracts. That's not where the brilliance ends, though. The engraved script is filled in with rich and brilliant gold pigment. This not only looks beautiful, especially through the thick acrylic, but it once again contributes to that play on dimensions and light. It just looks absolutely magical.