6-Sided Clear Museum Quality Acrylic Display Stand For Fine Art

Thick, crystal clear sheets are bonded together seamlessly to create a beautiful display stand for all your art pieces and other fine collections. The display is 6-sided, meaning that it is completely sealed on all sides with no openings. This, coupled with the thickness of the material, creates a high end quality display that oozes luxury. Visually, the complete seal creates a uniform lines throughout the display.

The base makes a perfect stable platform for any piece of art or product. No wobbling. No slanting. No worries! Your display will remain upright and perfect on top of the solid acrylic base.

Thick acrylic is not only strong, it is also beautiful. It is like a perfect, glossy sheet of ice. The stunning shine on each polished edge elevates the entire unit to a simple, luxurious display. Anything you put on this display will instantly look expensive and high end. This is an ideal aesthetic for high end brands, retail, and galleries. Truly this is an easy and super effective way to display your feature items or collections.