Acrylic Wall Mounted Storage Tray - Multicolor

Acrylic wall mountable storage trays are a simple and attractive storage and displaying solution for any purpose. These trays can be customized to fit your needs whether it is by color or dimensions, this stunning design can become your perfect tray.

Perfect for storing small items such as ear plugs, nose plugs, hair nets, masks, gloves, and more to ensure a productive working environment. This storage bin is also excellent for retail use to store and display cosmetics, toys, candies, treats, key chains, candles, stickers, pins, and more. For lab and medical use, you can store and organize chemicals, stirrers, needles, sterilizing towelettes, towels, and more.

 The laser cut holes on the tall back side gives you the convenient option to mount the storage tray onto a wall to save on surface space. Additionally, the bright colors and sleek design make for an dazzling display. Utilizing multiple colors of trays onto a wall will make an attractive and functional modern art piece that will add life to your workspace.