Asymmetrical Clear Acrylic Display Bin

These clear acrylic display bins are asymmetrical in design, not only for aesthetics but also for function. On a circular shelf, these bins will form a perfect circle, creating a cohesive display. The bins can be made to your specifications, so that they can mold into the circular shape of your shelf unit. 

You can display a wide assortment of products within these bins ranging anywhere from candies, to travel size cosmetic products. Using multiple bins will help keep all your items organized and easy to place into the shelf. As an  additional way to organize your display, your bins can be designed to accommodate a removable divider. This will allow you to adjust and customize your bin display as needed. This function can also be made onto a regular squared acrylic bin.

Clear acrylic is not only beautiful but also extremely functional! You and your guests will be able to view your products from any angle without issue. While clear acrylic offers the same optical clarity as glass, it is no where near as fragile. You would have to put some effort to break an acrylic box, bin, or display. If it manages to break however, it will break into large and dull pieces that are fast and safe to clean up.