Black Acrylic Pedestal Display

Elevate your displays by utilizing a black acrylic pedestal! It creates a sleek, modern presentation of your items or products. The sharp vertical lines and monochrome color emphasizes a minimalist and universally complimentary aesthetic to any displayed piece.

Opaque black acrylic creates a completely solid and uniform appearance. This style helps to bring focus to the colors, textures, and details of the item. After all the purpose of a display is to direct attention from audiences to your item or product. 

A pedestal on it's own create an effective display but when paired with a clear acrylic case cover, you have the added bonus of protection. A display cover will protect your item from dust, liquids, and pests like bugs. Simply placing a case atop will discourage viewers from touching the item or product and potentially causing damage. Another great option would be secure the case onto the pedestal for ultimate protection.