Clear Acrylic Air Tight Scientific Research Compartment With Hinged Door and Lock

In the grand pursuit of knowledge, new tools and equipment are invented to assist research and testing. There are various details that are taken into account in order to control variables in experiments and verify genuine results. Akrylix has been in the business of fabricating custom acrylic products for years and our staff is seasoned with experience. Every detail and feature requirement is acknowledged in the design and function of the product. This is especially true for products that are for scientific and medical research. 

This particular products came with quite a few interesting features. The first being the cylindrical acrylic tube that goes out the very top of the acrylic box. The purpose for this tube was to allow gas and vapor to be safely redirected by a separate attachment. The entire box itself is sealed air tight so as not to allow any of the gas or vapor to escape, which could either influence the results or harm those conducting the research. 

An additional feature was the lockable hinged door that also seals the box shut and air tight. The lock comes with a set of two keys. When unlocked, you can easily swing the door open on the clear acrylic hinges to either place or retrieve the items on the inside.  

Clear acrylic is not only visually appealing, it also serves a very important function for scientific and medical research and experiments. The optical clarity allows researchers to get a perfect view of any event that may occur during their experiments. Observation is a vital part of research, any obstruction may create a false report in reactions and results. 

As mentioned before, we can manufacture any tool or mechanism for scientific and medical research. Our team can help guide you to select the right material and thickness for the project as well as give you options for specific needs. All you need to start is an email with a sketch of your project and all the details clearly labeled on the drawing. Soon after you will receive an email with a quote and the process will go on from there.