Clear Acrylic Box for Cabinet Display and Organization

We've sung the praises of the humble 5 - sided acrylic many times before but we mean every single word. Such a simple product yields so many uses. It makes for a stunning display, an effective storage unit, and works brilliantly as a riser display! It works so well as an acrylic display as it not only keep your product in view but also allows you to easily organize your products to your liking.

Posters are one of the most difficult products to display. When they're displayed in a regular cardboard box, it's difficult to see what designs there are. Even if the cardboard boxes are organized by image, sometimes the wrong posters are placed in the wrong box. That just leads to your customers having to go through the trouble of rummaging around for the right poster. This also makes things tedious for your staff when they have to reorganize them. While it may not seem all that important, it's time that could be spent on other tasks. 

An acrylic box would eliminate all those problems! When placed on its side, open side facing outward toward your customers, the acrylic box becomes a an organized display bin! The rolled up posters can be placed on top of each other without falling out of the box (as pictured). The crystal clear material allows you, your staff and your customers to see exactly which posters are stored inside without having to rummage around. Your staff will also be able to pick out which posters don't belong in that particular bin easily, saving time when reorganizing and restocking.