Clear Acrylic Cylinder Display W/ Bottom Cut Out

Create an immersive and modern display with a clear acrylic cylinder. The top of the clear acrylic cylinder display is open, perfect for restocking items throughout the day. For the convenience of your customers, there is a laser cut dispenser hole that will make it easy to take the products from inside. 

The cylindrical shape of the display gives you and your clients a perfect 360 degree view of the products inside with minimal visual warping. The clear acrylic also helps to create a beautiful glass-like clarity. This is perfect for small products stored in large quantities such as small toys, loofahs, soaps, and other items.

Both the laser cut dispenser hole and open side of the cylinder are flame polished for a soft edge. The soft edges are not just for the aesthetics, though it does give a delightful shine. By polishing down the edges, they become dulled and therefor safer to handle without accidentally injuring yourself. 

These displays can be made to your exact specifications and modifications. By scaling down the size of the laser cut hole, the cylinder display can easily become a candy dispenser. The cylindrical shape will offer a wonderful sense of whimsy to a candy shop.