Clear Acrylic Display Stand W/ Laser Cut Individual Slots For Products

Clear acrylic allows you to get an unobstructed view of the items inside. Each product will be held individually in laser cut holes. To help store more items in one convenient place, there are two sections at different levels. Heat bending acrylic helps create a seamless product with rounded corners which also help increase the structural integrity of the over all piece. The bottom underneath the holders are a great way to keep your items propped up high, achieving a high end look for your products.

You can take this basic concept and truly make it your own! Maybe you need a larger piece with more circles. No problem! Or maybe you like squares instead of circles for the holders. Absolutely, we can do that for you. You not feeling the clear acrylic aesthetic, prefer something that pops. You can select from our wide selection of colored acrylic and create the perfect display. Your options are as limitless as your imagination.

A product like this would be excellent for a number of uses. Business, research labs, museums, and your home can utilize this product to increase organization in your space. Stores can display samples of their products such as cosmetics, perfumes or cologne. Museums can display specimens, artifacts, relics, or tools for interactive exhibits. Research labs can use them similarly to organize their samples, test tubes and the like.