Clear Acrylic Floor Length Display Case

Let your collection stand tall, literally! You can opt for a floor length display case so you guests can walk amongst your collection and take in all the details. This is ideal for large and tall pieces such as the mannequins pictured, but could also work for other artifacts exhibit pieces such as statues or demo models. 

The crystal clear acrylic allows you and your guests to get a wonderful view of the artifacts and collection pieces on display. They can take in all the exquisite details without any distortion or visual obstruction. And while your collection is in perfect view, it is also protected from dust, water, bugs, and unauthorized access. These features will help to preserve and protect your collection for everyone to enjoy for years and years.

The clear acrylic floor length display case can be placed onto a raised pedestal base for an added visual emphasis on your pieces. This will also help provide more protection for the memorabilia pieces by placing them on a controlled surface. Pieces placed on the base will be protected from any damage that can occur from being on the actual floor.