Clear Acrylic Mountable Dispenser

Akrylix is Chicago's #1 plastic fabricator and designer with a expertise in practical and organizational products. This wonderful products keeps things simple and effective. You can have it wall mounted to save table space with an unobstructed opening for convenience and easy access to the product inside. With it's flat base ,this product can also sit stably on any flat surface.

 You can use this item for many purposes in many settings. As pictured, this product makes an excellent addition for medical or science facilities, such as clinics or laboratories, where gloves are a must-have. It can easily store multiple boxes of gloves to keep items stocked longer. This product can also be used in lobbies to hold magazines, maps, or pamphlets.  

Customizing this product is easy with our wide selection of color as well as our UV and screen printing ability. Choose another color or print the logo of your company, organization, or the name of the items stored to keep your space extra organized.