Clear Acrylic Shelving Unit w/ White Base

Shelves are a great way to both display and organize your products or your collectables. We at Akrylix like to take things up a notch. We took the concept of a regular shelve and put our own twist on it by making one completely made of beautiful clear acrylic. Keeping in mind that items have a tendency to fall over to the ground when customers are looking around or when you're reorganizing your items, we made a small wall at the end of every shelf to keep things in place. 

This shelving unit is perfect for retail settings as it is perfect for displaying and organizing products. Acrylic is a very light weight material compared to glass, so you won't strain yourself assembling or moving it around. It also has the stunning appearance of glass but none of it's fragility, so you don't have to worry about customers accidentally breaking any part of it.