Clear Acrylic Storage Bin W/ Slanted Hinged Lid

Changing the angles is a simple way to create a standout modern and contemporary design for a classic product. It becomes more interesting and stylish for the space and draws your customers in.

Using clear acrylic material to create storage bins is not only a modern and sleek aesthetic choice, but it also very functional. Unlike more opaque material, the clear acrylic allows you to have a perfect view of the items store inside. This function is important for busy spaces such as retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and offices so that you are both aware of which items are currently stored and the quantity of items. The clear material makes it just quick and easy, no need to open the container or even move it from its location.

The hinged lid serves several functions to preserve and protect your products stored inside. It can keep liquids, dust, and bugs out and away from the items inside. The hinges create an easy flow of moments, with no stalling.