Clear Acrylic Wall-Mountable Dispenser Bin with Magnetic Door Catch

Keep the workplace moving at an efficient pace by ensuring that materials and tools at readily available and well-organized.

A clear acrylic dispenser is an excellent choice for distributing essential tools and materials for labs, medical centers, and factories such as safety glasses, ear plugs, hair nets, shoe covers, gloves, towels, towelettes, pipettes, bandages, and more. This dispenser also works well for retail stores to display small items such as candies, bracelets, toys, pins, stickers, key chains, and more.

Acrylic is a lightweight and durable material, creating a perfectly long-lasting product. This design comes with two openings, one for restocking the items inside and the other for easy retrieval. Each opening comes with a lid that's attached by a set of sturdy clear hinged that make opening and closing the dispenser smooth and easy. A magnetic door catch is used to keep the dispensing opening open while you retrieve all the materials you need without having to hold the lid yourself or constantly reopening it. Having something keep the lid open allows you to have both of your hands free to hand the items inside without dropping them.

The clear acrylic material is not only sturdy and attractive, it is also visually informative. You and your fellow workers can simply look at the display to determine what items are stored inside, how many items are stored and whether or not to restock items. All without having to open the dispenser and peak inside, saving time and energy.

Alternatively, a solid color acrylic dispenser is also functional for your workplace. Opaque acrylic dispensers can keep items out of sight to secure privacy or adhere to the company aesthetics as well as to reduce visual clutter to promote a clean workplace.