Clear Acrylic Wall Mounted Display for Sports Memorabilia

 Present and preserve your collection with clear acrylic display cases! You can save floor space by using wall mounted cases to display your collections. The wall mounted display keeps out dust, moisture, bugs, and other elements which will aid in the preservation of your artifacts. 

Using a wall mounted display is simpler and more economical for displaying items such as clothing. By displaying them on a wall, you can forgo expensive and clunky mannequins. Wall mounted displays also allow your guest a closer view of your collection while simultaneously protecting them. We can fabricate wall displays to your exact dimensions and create the perfect clear acrylic case for your pieces. 

Clear acrylic offers the same optical clarity as glass with 10x the strength. In addition, it is also much lighter. This is excellent for limited time exhibits or traveling/pop up galleries as the light weight will make it easier and safer to move the cases as need be. Acrylic is also very durable and long lasting. In the unlikely event that the acrylic were to break, the acrylic will break into large, dull shards that are safe and easy to clean without any risk of injury. This is especially ideal if there is a large group viewing the display, including children.