Custom Acrylic Display for Smirnoff

For this custom acrylic project, we worked closely with Smirnoff to create a display that takes inspiration from one of their products. Using the theme of peppermint and the upcoming holidays, we created a concept of a candy cane red sleigh display case.

The red acrylic is oven formed to create the sled-like shape. This serves as a storage space for the product inside, with an opening to make it easily accessible to customers. Taking the concept of candy canes, we printed a stunning red pattern on custom laser cut white acrylic to emulate the image of a candy cane. Finally, you have the logo of Smirnoff printed beautifully in the center of the sleigh, seemingly floating, on crystal clear acrylic.

If you need a custom made display or have a special custom project, our team is well equipped with modern techniques and state of the art equipment. With UV printing, oven forming, colored acrylic, laser cutting and more, the possibilities are endless!