Custom Acrylic Guacamole Display!

  This was one of our more interesting projects. Akrylix was hired for a custom project that involved a huge clear acrylic cylinder with a base that was food grade. We've made food trays, candy dispensers, pastry displays, and cake towers plenty of times. A giant food grade acrylic display for a record breaking amount of guacamole is definitely a new one for us.


      Regardless of the uniqueness of this project, we pulled it off without an issue. This display stands tall and sturdy and perfectly clear so everyone can see the the greens, red, and white of the guacamole inside. From what we heard, it was a vision of culinary feats and innovation. Lot's of people were impressed the display and had a helping of delicious, record breaking guacamole.

      If you ever need a custom product, maybe for a another world record, Akrylix is your one stop shop. Just send us a sketch or drawing of your custom acrylic project with all the measurements and material of choice. Please also include thickness of material and increment of measure and any extra details such as metal frames and holes for screws.

   After that you will shortly receive a quote and the project can begin in production upon your approval.