Custom Black Acrylic Equipment Covers w/ Laser Cutting

Protect the longevity of your equipment with custom made acrylic covers. The acrylic covers can be fabricated to fit the exact details and design of your equipment. Our laser cutter will create the perfect cuts for cables, exhaust fans, buttons, screens, and more to allow accessibility.

Each piece is made to the exact design as you request it. Each laser cut hole will line up perfectly with any button, cable, plug in or any other feature. The laser cuts them at the exact size you need. We recommend that get a few sizes bigger for some wiggle room and to prevent any possible obstruction.

This particular cover is made using opaque, glossy black acrylic. This material is quite popular for various reasons but one of the main reasons is obscurity. For a higher level of security you can use the black acrylic to block anything you don't want readily visible such as codes or access exclusive buttons and switches.