Custom Clear Acrylic Armchair Caddy

Caddies have been the go-to solution for storage and organization for years. They're easy to manage and move around, they come in a variety of styles and forms, and they can be easily customized.

Something as simple as an armchair caddy can really help keep items organized and easily available. Keys, batteries, wallets and remotes are the most commonly misplaced household items. Using an armchair caddy gives you a convenient location to place all those items and more to help. After a long day, you can sit down and empty your pockets in the caddy of your favorite chair. Then when it's time to go you can recollect them easily and head out to where you need to go in a timely manner now that you don't have to run around to locate your items.

Not only is the clear acrylic armchair caddy convenient for home use but it is also a useful organizational tool for the workplace. Keep your collection of tools readily available and organized for a more seamless and productive work environment. 

This design can be modified and customized to fit your exact needs. Change the material thickness, product dimensions, and material color. Add laser cut features such as holes and slots for cables and chargers.