Custom Clear Acrylic Bottle Display w/ Special Effect Lid

When releasing a brand new product in your line, first impressions are everything. Debuting your newest feature product requires a sense of presentation and nothing says "luxury" and "exclusivity" like displays tailor made to elevate your specific product. Creating a custom display allows you to include features that tie in perfectly with your product such as colors, textures, shapes, UV printed graphics, laser cutting, and more.

This particular display was designed for the launch of a new hygiene product. For a truly tailored look, the silhouette of the bottle was laser cut to hold it in place within the display. Your display can also utilize this technique to highlight your product.

The lid of this custom display has a special film to give the material a visually wavy texture. This not only creates an interesting and dazzling display but it also ties in with the theme of hygiene and self-care of the product by simulating a shower door.  

To add an extraordinary sense of dimension to the display, we created a completely sealed compartment to hold a water based solution. The water based solution was specifically formulated to create rich and luxurious foamy bubbles as a sort of demo of what one can expect from the product. 

The over all display is clean, sleek, and simple with details that tastefully tie-in the key features of the product displayed. Creating a cohesive display such as this one does a wonderful job of visually communicating information about the product with little to no further verbal explanation needed.