Custom Clear Acrylic Brochure Display

The clear acrylic material will keep the titles of the brochures and pamphlets visible. This characteristic not only keeps items nicely organized but it makes it easy for guests to find the exact information they're looking for. Additionally, a lot of work goes behind the visual aspect of the brochures to create intrigue. Most pamphlet and brochure holders completely obscure these details. With a clear acrylic brochure display, all the colors and fun graphics are highlighted to your guests, making them more inclined into taking one.

This particular acrylic brochure holder comes with two compartments on alternate sides. This design is perfect for busy tables and counters where guests will be on both sides. Both crowds will have the titles and brochures easily accessible without having to move the display around. You can also store at least two different products conveniently in one place. 

Your brochure holder can be custom made to fit any size product and with as many compartments per unit as you need. The advantage for small units, however, is flexibility in placement. The small units can be fit and be arranged in most spaces as need be. Plus, they're also incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around.