Custom Clear Acrylic Case for Scientific Research

Custom made to fit over a piece of scientific equipment with access holes cut on 3 sides. The access holes allow for wires to be plugged and out as needed. The shield helps protect the equipment from dust and liquids that could damage the circuitry and other parts. By protecting your equipment and technology, you are preventing future accidents or issues that may lead to completely replacing your component. Replacing such equipment can be extremely costly, and scientific research facilities often work with limited funds. Using protective shields will help prevent such a situation.

Your funds are stretched further by investing in acrylic protective cases due to the incredible durability of the material. You will have a protective tool that will last your for a long time and may even be used for other purposes as you see fit. This characteristic creates a much more viable option then a one off purchase. 

The key word is custom and so you can design this acrylic case to fit your specific needs. Every detail is observed and executed to perfection. This way you will have the exact case you need for your research projects and experiments.