Custom Clear Acrylic Cellphone Holder Display

Clear acrylic is the perfect material for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing displays. The optical clarity of the material makes it the perfect neutral to compliment any product, any setting, and any brand.

Clear acrylic is durable and lightweight in comparison to glass. This creates an ideal choice for a variety of projects. Additionally, these characteristics of acrylic also make it very safe to handle. In the unlikely event the acrylic material were to break, it will break into large dull piece. Glass breaks into several super sharp fragments that are extremely dangerous to manage and difficult to get rid of.

Custom laser cutting creates perfect lines, curves, shapes, and angles on any acrylic material. For this cellphone display, the laser cutting is used to create a notch at the bottom of the heat formed lip. This notch is to allow the charging security cable to go through so the cellphone can sit perfectly on the lip. Additionally there is another laser cut circle parallel to the notch for the cable to go through without getting in the way of the display. There are more laser cut slots to allow ventilation to the phone to prevent overheating of the phone's battery.

Heat forming is another technique used to accomplish smooth, rounded corners. There is no glue used in the corners which creates this beautiful, uninterrupted line in the display. The lip/ledge with the laser cut notch is also heat formed to the perfect angle to prop the cellphone up to customers.