Custom Clear Acrylic Coffee Pod Dispenser

Keep all your items in one convenient location for your staff, guests, and yourself. Keeping your products in one designated place makes it easier to maintain stock and orderliness. All of your guests and employees will know exactly where the product is and no one has to waste time searching all over for it.

This particular model is great for lobbies, foyers, common rooms, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, and more! Any place with a large communal space would benefit from a custom acrylic product specifically designed to hold and organize coffee pods. 

Using a state of the art laser cutter created perfectly uniform and precise shapes on the acrylic material. The rounded shape allows for the coffee pods to simply pop in and slide down or to slide up and pop out as one needs. Multiple columns on this double-sided display allow you organize the coffee pods by brand, roast, or flavor.

The laser cutting machine not only achieves perfect lines, curves, and angles, but it also polishes the material as it cuts, leaving shining but dulled out edges that are safer to touch. This is an important feature as raw cut acrylic it extremely sharp and dangerous to touch.