Custom Clear Acrylic Hockey Puck Display

Easily accessible and easy to keep organized. This clear acrylic display was constructed to display and distribute hockey pucks easily. Each cylinder fits the pucks perfectly, not too loose and not too tight. Just the right amount to easily pull the puck out and to restock them.

The top of the display functions both as a partial lid to keep the items inside as well as an advertisement space. The advertisement space has enough the give that you can easily slide your sign easily without any tugging that could cause damage. The cut out tab makes it effortless to hold the paper insert to slide out.

The main purpose of this display is ease in accessibility whilst remaining organized. Keeping an open space at the very bottom of the acrylic display allows the pucks to drop in so that your customers can simply slide it out. It creates a restock effect as the pucks will continue to drop in to fill the space for customers to reach.

As mentioned previously, the ad space is situated on top of the partial lid. This helps increase the durability of the ad space in addition to keeping items organized and tidy. After all an overstocked display is as much an eye sore as an empty one.