Custom Clear Acrylic Jewelry Displays

Using a variety of displays for your jewelry will help to emphasize pieces individually as well as keep items nice and organized. The clear acrylic material is universally flattering to any colors, shapes, and finishes of your jewelry pieces. You can create the perfect display to ensure that your products are showcased at maximum appeal. 

Different acrylic displays can be used to specifically highlight certain products. For example, bracelets, watches, bangles, and bands are best displayed by a clear acrylic tube display. This will demonstrate how the products will look on the wrist. Using a clear acrylic riser would be an excellent way to show off necklaces. They allow your guests to see the details of the pendant and chain or chord. Using a raised display also gives your clients an idea of the length of the necklace.

Earrings are best displayed vertically, especially drop earrings. You can use a custom acrylic earring display with holes just small enough to hold the earrings in place. Just as with the bracelets, a vertical earring display will demonstrate how the earrings will fall ones they're worn. This visual will help your clients picture the earring on their own ears, which leads to a higher chances of a sale.