Custom Clear Acrylic Mobile Table W/ 4 Compartments

Custom furniture creates a space that is entirely unique to your own tastes and specifications. It adds an elevated level of style and exclusivity as well as longevity against the trends of fast fashion in furniture spaces. 

Clear acrylic furniture combines modern minimalism with a timeless silhouette that will flatter any home, lobby, office, sales floor and more. The clear acrylic material is sturdy, long lasting, and universally flattering to any space. The minimalist appeal of the clear acrylic is that it does not add visual clutter while elevating the items around it. 

With this specific design you can neatly organize a variety of items that are also easily accessible. For the home, you can store items such as throw blankets, board or card games, coasters, books, magazines and more! For places of business, this is the display solution for your sales floor. The easy mobility is perfect for the frequent rearranging of most retail stores. Displaying items such as clothing, plushies, purses, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes is effortless.