Custom Clear Acrylic Shadow Box Display

   Shadow boxes are the perfect way to display several types of items. From family pictures with sentimental trickets, personal collages, artistic settings, and so much more.

   These are often used in nurseries to display and preserve a baby's first items of clothing. You could also use a shadow box as a way to display your proudest achievements such as certificates, medals, photos, etc. Artist use shadow boxes to create intricate windows peaking into fantastical settings.

   Acrylic offers more protective capabilities. Unlike glass, acrylic is virtually scratch and shatter proof which aids in protecting the displayed items inside should the shadowbox fall. Acrylic is also UV light resistant which will help prevent items such as photographs, clothes, and documents from yellowing or fading due to UV damage.

  Clear acrylic material creates a more modern, contemporary look to the shadow box. It allows you a clearer view to the items inside from multiple angles. Items inside can be viewed with 100% clarity.

   This material is also extremely easy to maintain in clean versus traditional wooden shadow boxes. Clear acrylic can be easy dusted with a typical soft duster or micro-fibre cloth. You can use cleaners that are ammonia free.

   For a custom fabrication clear acrylic shadow box, please send us a sketch or drawing with all the measurements, dimensions, and any extra details (such as holes for screws if the shadow box is to be mounted on a wall). We will respond promptly with a quote and move forward to create you unique and stunning custom clear acrylic shadow box.