Custom Free-Standing Acrylic Book Display with Spinning Base

A spinning book display helps make the most of the floor space of any given retail store, especially book stores. Book stores rely on walls and walls of bookshelves and rows of book cases to display their selection of books. 

Using a free standing acrylic book display is a great way to highlight specific collections to your customers or any other specific product. The spinning base allows your customers and workers to simply spin the display to get to a specific product without having to walk in circles around it. The multiple tiers allows plenty of space to organize products by type, color, genre, author, publisher, and brand. 

The simple clear acrylic strip on the furthest part of the tiers help keep all displayed items on their shelf without falling out. This cuts down time spent picking up any books that may have fallen from an overly aggressive spin. Additionally, the optical clarity of the acrylic allows your customers to get an unobstructed view of the books and merchandise in the display without having to rummage through.