Custom Laser Cut Acrylic: Simple Applications and Complex Designs

You want precise and seamless edges and perfectly crisp cut out designs? We're tellin' you, laser cutting is the best way to go! You will achieve the exact angle and curve you are looking for with uniform perfection.

You can create simple modification for your product such as rounded out corners and laser cut holes. Yes, these details can be achieved through more hands on methods with the same level of precision and attention to detail. However, with large quantity orders, the laser cutter will create the exact shape in the exact same spot to the exact measurements each and every time. 

In addition to achieving perfect uniformity, each laser cut product is also simultaneously polished down to a stunning shine. As the laser cuts through the acrylic, it leaves behind perfectly polished and softened edges. Now flame polishing doesn't need to be done and production time is maximized.  

Our laser cutter is top of the line and state of the art, able to cut the tiniest and most delicate detail. Take the stunning clear acrylic laser cut snowflake above for example. You have all those perfectly cut branches as well as the slot that allows the two pieces to connect and make a 3 dimensional piece. 

That's already impressive enough but what truly take this display to the next level is the small details. As you can see below, you can see laser cut names on several of the branches. The branches have limited real estate and yet the laser cuts them just in the right place.

Watch our laser work! It moves smoothly and the laser releases a stead flow of energy to create perfectly uniform and straight lines on the acrylic material.

Creating your own laser cut masterpiece is easy! Just submit your design in one of the file formats: DXF, PDF, AI, or PLT. After submitting your designs, you will receive a quote on your project.