Custom Polycarbonate Wine Display w/ Product Pusher

Creating a custom display is not only about making an impression or sticking to a style, it's also about functionality. A display that not only elevates your products but also serves a purpose is always worth your investment. 

The display pictured is for a wine display featuring a product pusher. Product pushers are utilized to keep products at the very front of the shelf until they eventually run out, making it supremely easy for . As a unit, you can simply fill out the display and place it on your shelves, ready to go. With fixed display, you have to wrestle the product onto the shelve, which is just awkward and time consuming plus it could lead to damage to the product or the product pusher itself. 

This display was also made polycarbonate, an incredibly durable material that is impact resistant and lightweight. These are key characteristics for any display in high traffic areas as accidents do tend to happen when there are a lot of people.