Custom PVC Retail Display Cabinet W/ Acrylic Features

PVC is an extremely lightweight material that has a nearly infinite amounts of applications such as creating an entire retail display cabinet.

Your PVC display the can be customized as you need. You can add as many shelves, slots, dividers and bins as you want of need to create the perfect display solution for your products. It can be your all-in-one display that also includes a place to install any advertisements for products, promotions, sales, and more. In this particular design there is a avert slot made of clear acrylic material adhered to one of the sides of the display cabinet. The laser cut notch is great to insert and extract any paper easily without difficulty.

 The sky's the limit when it comes to the intricacy in design for your custom display cabinet. You can select from our variety of materials, fixtures, accessories, and colors to create an entirely unique piece that is representative of you, your brand, and your products.