Custom Shaped Clear Acrylic Display Tray

You can play with the looks of your displays to help increase the intrigue to your products. Simple trays can be elevated into more interesting pieces by simply altering the shape. Using specific shapes can help create a more cohesive yet eye-catching display for your products. For example; you can select a cross shaped tray because it goes with the logo or with the specific design of the products. 

Not only does this make a fantastic display tray to store your products but you can also utilize it as a display riser. With the open side down, you can now place items and products. This will elevate your items not only physically but also aesthetically. When items are placed on riser display, it gives them a sense of importance and luxury. Even something as simple as a chocolate bar looks so much more enticing when placed on top of a clear, elevated surface.

Each clear acrylic tray is flame polished to shiny perfection. Flame polishing is not only really pretty to look at but it dulls down any sharp corners, thus preventing potential injury. If you're interest in creating your own custom acrylic display tray, feel free to email us with a drawing or sketch of your design. In that sketch you must include the dimensions and measurements and any details clearly labeled. Once that is sent, you will receive a quote and the project will move on from there.