Custom Thick Clear Acrylic High-End Cosmetics Display

Thick clear acrylic material can create some truly stunning and expensive looking displays for your high-end products. The shinning edges and corners are like diamonds in the light, glimmering and beautiful. 

Laser cutting is used to create the perfect shapes on the thick clear acrylic material. The shapes are cut in a slant to be in uniform with the slanted platform of the main display unit. Additionally the laser cut shapes creates the perfect cutouts to place samples and testers of your products without them sliding and falling off. This is especially important to maintain a neat appearance that's attractive to your customers. 

The clear acrylic material is the perfect option to compliment your products without outshining them. Clear is the ultimate neutral that is universally flattering to any other colors, textures, and themes. The perfect clarity allows you and your guests to view the items without any distortion or distraction. If you are using graphics or advertisements for your products, a clear acrylic layer on top will go a long way to preserve those items.