Custom Translucent White Acrylic Skyscraper Light Fixture

You go high, your custom orders go even higher! 

Our latest project took us to new heights! We turned sheets of thick translucent white acrylic into a chic and modern light fixture. The translucency of the white acrylic create a fog light effect. It softens up the color while also maximizing the light. 

The cylindrical shape is accomplished by heat forming the acrylic sheet and gluing the seams with PS23 glue. The PS23 glues leaves virtually bubble-free and has an incredibly strong hold.

The body of the light fixture has uniform grooves all around. The grooves create an very attractive and distinctive detail that adds minimal complexity to a architectural structure, even a high-rise. 

While the base is fabricated with translucent white acrylic the top is neatly and seamlessly closed off with a clear acrylic material. The translucent material diffuses the light while the clear top allows light to pass through the fixture. Another benefit of this clear top is for any maintenance individuals, installers, and more. They can glance through the top to help them straighten the fixure while fixing it in place. Additionally, if any issues occur with the light, a quick look may help them troubleshoot the problem more effectively.