Custom UV Printed Acrylic Box W/ Removable Lid

A great way to incorporate some visual advertising to your products is by using UV printing. Print your company logo, slogan, product feature, imagery, and more to stimulate and intrigue your guests and customers. You can print promotional material for new featured products that gives information on the product, the event, and the company.

These UV printed display are the perfect marriage between function and fashion. Not only do you get clear and crisps images on your display, but your display still works to hold whatever items you need. Display a brand new range of cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, alcohol, jewelry, and more.

UV printed displays are not only good for retail but they can also be useful for expos and conventions for any industry. Medical and scientific industries can utilize these to present their research in any setting or to help conduct their research to begin with. UV printing can create permanent labels on their boxes to keep items organized and easily legible. Engineers, mechanics, architects and other industrial designers can showcase their newest designs or products.