Custom White Acrylic Product Display

When you first order a custom display, you need to get your ideas in order and present them in the form of a sketch. The sketch must have all the necessary details such as dimensions, measurements, laser cut holes and shapes, pegs, slots, UV printed logos, and more! The clearer the information is noted and illustrated, the easier it will be to replicate your sketch into the perfect display!

If you need some assistance and recommendations in design or material choice, our seasoned team of custom acrylic designers are at the ready to guide you!

This particular design was made with opaque what acrylic and laser cut slots where our client will easily slide in their products to display them. They also specified small holes on the top corners of the backing panel. It is our pride and duty to follow designs to the letter with the utmost precision, top quality materials, and modern techniques to create the perfect display everytime.