Flat Bed UV Printing Machine

Sight is one of the first senses we use in any given situation. In sales and advertising, the visuals are incredibly important to create a strong first impression and intrigue on the products or services provided by your business. Using UV printing will help clearly communicate with your audience while also creating a visually stimulating display.

UV Printing will create a permanent, clear image with vivid colors. UV ink dries instantly and stays in place so you do not have to worry about the ink potentially bleeding on to other surfaces and ruining the image. 

UV Printing can be done on plastic surfaces such as acrylic, polycarbonate, lexan, PVC boards and more! You can print instructions, directions, information, logos, product images, accent patterns and more with ease and they will look absolutely stunning wherever displayed! 

Using acrylic for printing will ensure that you have a unique, durable, and lightweight product. These are especially ideal characteristics for outside signs. You need something that can withstand outside weather conditions and have a low chance of falling due to weight. 

Furthermore, the same features come in handy when in a heavily populated area. Accidents happen, people can sometimes bump into things and knock them over. With a UV printed product, your image will sustain no damage. Acrylic is also incredibly sturdy and is unlikely to shatter, which means you will save money by not having to replace the sign. If it does shatter however, it can be cleaned easily and safely.